Being half Japanese, Frank Sikora, the founder of Soyum Foods was fortunate to grow up eating home cooked, Japanese dishes. Since leaving for college, he missed being able to have easy access to these home-made meals.

The nearest Japanese grocery store was inconvenient. Once there, buying the right products was difficult without the help of his native Japanese mother. Some ingredients were available online but they were expensive unless buying in bulk. There were no pre-assembled kits with all the ingredients needed with authentic, quality ingredients. That’s when Frank’s vision for Soyum Foods materialized. He set a goal to be able to provide these kits to anybody who also missed or was interested in trying Japanese dishes. Frank decided to start with one of his favorite comfort foods, Okonomiyaki.

Cooking for friends and seeing their reaction to a new experience made Frank realize that the journey was well worth it. Soyum Foods’ ultimate goal is to be able to share these experiences with the world and looks forward to building their Japanese kits!